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hi all

If you are going to miss class I have more revision more on non-right angle triangles
similar triangles and herons formula.

do not forget to finish the book work stuff!!

hi all

hope you had a good holiday

we need to learn herons formula and revise for the sac.
the sac will be week 2 monday then we start our final topic matrices

external image octet-stream.png Shapes1.skpmonday

[29/8/2011] WEEK 7
This is week 7, thus if you haven't catch up on the previous week stuff you'd best get a move on!!!

Attached is the NEW course work plan plus formula sheet

To understand how to read the sheet, please finish all set questions in each week
by the due date. You are expected to do the work, if you have any trouble please bring it up in class
and come to homework club tuesdays.

Some member have not done the thus I will be not releasing any results till everyone has completed it.

Please finish question 7.1 1) 2) 3)
We will cover the basics of trigonometry on monday



Those who need to pass there are the sacs to be handed in

31st MAY. TUESDAY!!!!! period 1:30pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ON THE TOPIC OF UNIVARIATE, BIVARIATE and Algebraic Techniques (especially simultaneous Equations)

[4/5/2011 WEDNESDAY]

SAC on Thursday! (tommorow)
it is chapter 6 of the blue book, bivariate statistics

here is the answers to the revision sheet

Bivariate Revision Sheet

Study the the chapter and the revision carefully
Oh....back you you understand back to back stem and leaf plots
read page 306 as to why we use three median regression line as opposed to least mean squares
remember that least mean square line is the (mx + b) plot of the scatter plot.

that is all

[27/4/11 WEDNESDAY]

Hope you all had a good holiday, but alas it is back to work
Thank to those who handed in there assignment first day back you shall be rewarded.

Please continue on with 6.4 and 6.5 and into review chapters.
Next week I plan to give you revision material and help you if you have any issues.

If i observe that most the class have done the work and are not doing anything in class, I will move into the next topic and cut revision session short.
Do not waste your time....

[6/4/11 WEDNESDAY]

Here is a to enjoy.

Your mid term homework is to complete chapter 6 (Bivariate Statistics).
This means 6.4 and 6.5 is to be done.

For your Assignment attempt the SAC application task on pg 319 in the blue book over the holidays.

I plan to give you your SAC early second week back.
Our next topic is more algebraic techniques and then exam revision.

For those who failed the first SAC, you will need to do a resit,
negotiate with me when you would like to do it.

[4/4/11 MONDAY]

Please make sure you have done 6.1 from Chapter 6 - bivariate stats.
Continue on with exercise 6.2 - Correlation and 6.3 - line of best fit.
Use the technique of finding the equation of a line from two points I taught you this lesson
to do exercise 6.3 - Line of Best Fit.

I am going to go through Three Mean Regression next lesson and also give you a HOLIDAY SAC!!!


A reminder your Assignment "win at the fair" is to be due in on Monday next week!
Please don't forget to finish it off and hand it in by then else I'll be attempt to give you a zero for that assessment.
Good Luck!

SUNDAY 13/3/11

Hi Class,

It is unfortunate that we will lose our double on Monday of next week.
Hopefully you have all caught up on your homework including mathletics and tried to do the practice pop quiz again as revision.

One thing you need to know how to do is to find standard deviation by using the calculator
We have gone through it a few times and it is the same procedure in regards to finding the all other information such as mean, variance etc.

Since I am afraid that you may not be able to do it I have produced a video tutorial on using the (blue grey) calculator.
Hopefully those with the black ones can figure out the equivalent buttons.
Tutorial Link

I will run the SAC on Thursday in the double. Please do not wag it because unless you have a doctors certificate, you will not be able to sit it at another time and get zero for it.

[08/03/11 MONDAY] NEW!!

I WILL check your books next lesson as i didn't get the chance last lesson
and if you have not done the work, I WILL keep you in,
To finish as much as you can by half of lunchtime, I will do what ever it takes for you to be ready for the real SAC.
We have almost finish this chapter,

Here is a COMPLETE SUMMARY of all the things to be done by now.

Ex 5.2, p219
1) ALL 2) ALL 3) ALL 4) ALL 5) ALL 6) 7)

Ex 5.2
1)d) 2) b) c) 3) d) 4) All 5) All 6), 7)

Ex 5.3
1) a) b) 4) 5)all 6) all 10)

Ex5.4, p240
All questions except question 8

Ex5.5, p253
Interquartile Range 1)
Boxplots 2) All 3)ALL 4)a) c) 5)
6)a)b) 8)ALL 9) 10)

Ex5.5, p253
11) 12)

Ex5.6, p261
1) 2) 3) 7) 10)

ALL Chapter Review Questions, p270

Mathletics Homework
-Data Analysis
  • Mean (BASICS)
  • Median (BASICS)
  • Mean From Frequency Table (IMPORTANT)
  • Median from Frequency (IMPORTANT)
  • Mode from Stem and Leaf Plot (BASICS)
  • Median from Stem and Leaf Plot (IMPORTANT)
  • Box and Whisker Plots 2 (BASICS)
  • Cumulative Frequency Histogram (IMPORTANT)

Something Harder
  • Calculating Interquartile Range (BASICS)
  • Median from Cumulative (IMPORTANT)

Part of your board game assignment was to manually attain 30 points of data.
I also asked you to allow a friend to play it to get another 10 points of data.
In total you should have 40 points of data that has been tallied up.

The next phase of your assignment is to:
1) Convert your tally into a frequency column
2) Work out the Mode, Median and Mean of your 40 points of data.
3) Work out the Upper and Lower interquartile.

The Final Assignment should consist of:
1) Board Game Design Layout
2) Brief report on your design choices.
3) Simulation of 1000 points of data (If your design is not Unique)
4) 30 manual points of data
5) 10 manual point of data from your friend
6) Results of the profit or loss made with the 40 points of data
7) Review from your friend (ratings of appeal and difficulty to win)
8) Your own evaluation
9) Data analysis of your 40 data points (mode, median, mean, interquartile ranges, standard deviation)
10) Draw a box plot of it!

This Assignment is to be handed in as design report, as part of your first assessment.
Relevant Sections
  • Design Choices
  • Board Game Layout
  • Results (data points, simulation results, profit or loss, data analysis of mode, mean etc)
  • Evaluation (your personal evaluation and your friends evaluation and review)